Shakti Yoga Teacher Training Program

Embodied Feminine Wisdom + Womb-Centered Yoga

A 9-month (online) journey with Jasmine Rose – begins March 2022

Beloved sister, I hear your call

Perhaps you are a yoga teacher with a sense there is “something more” you’d like to offer your female students. Perhaps you feel the call to create your own women’s circle, or to support your female clients with embodied feminine wisdom.

You feel it in your bones that creating sacred spaced for women is something you are here to do – whether you are wanting to enrich your existing offerings or take the leap and begin.

This 9-month online program is a deep journey of feminine awakening within a global sisterhood of yoginis. This is a comprehensive training in the philosophy, practice and art of facilitating sacred feminine embodiment in the form of Shakti Yoga and women’s circles.

This is a journey for women with a calling to be in service to the sacred feminine and to embody and emanate their own unique transmission of feminine wisdom.

A feminine approach to yoga is medicine in a world that is thirsty for the sacred feminine energy – shakti. This is a ritual practice that is deeply honouring of the female body, emotions, cycles, intuitive wisdom and mother nature.

This is a one-of-a-kind facilitator training; a the call to be a torchbearer of feminine wisdom in your community.

A fertile container will be created within which your own seeds of potential will be nurtured, your superpowers will be unlocked.

The female body is an asset to enlightenment – not a hindrance

Meggan Watterson

During This Program You Will:

 Unlock your own natural gifts as a facilitator and sacred space holder

Deepen your embodiment of the sacred feminine and access your authentic way of sharing this wisdom

 Access your own body’s wisdom, innate healing power and unique creativity

 Learn and faithfully practice ancient practices from tantric yoga and grounded in earth wisdom for feminine vitality, grounding, empowerment, creativity, connection with your body wisdom and ultimately –  ecstatic communion with all of creation.

 Receive a framework and cultivate the confidence to teach Shakti Yoga and women’s circles, and/or how to weave sacred feminine wisdom and embodied practice into your existing offerings – one-on-one or in groups.


This is an intimate and interactive container of women, and the sisterhood is one of the foundational elements of this training program. 

In relationship with other women, our own shadows and gifts are revealed. 

You will be paired up with one other sister during this program to meet with once a month (or more often if you choose to) to support and witness each other at each step along the way.


This is an intimate and interactive container of women, and the sisterhood is one of the foundational elements of this training program. 

In relationship with other women, our own shadows and gifts are revealed.  You will be paired up with one other sister during this program to meet with once a month (or more often if you choose to) to support and witness each other at each step along the way.


Knowing yourself deeply and embodying the teachings are the keys to what makes an excellent facilitator of this work. This journey is a deepening of your own inner unfoldment through engaging with the practices and enquiries that are offered at each step along the way.

This requires a true devotion and dedication to your practice, trust in the journey and a leaning in to the support that will be readily available for you during these 9 months.

The path of the feminine is one of constantly surrendering to the Mystery and being reborn anew.

This journey is about being authentically you and sharing the unique medicine that YOU have to bring.  There are women longing for what you have to offer! 

The 9-month duration  of this program is very intentional to allow all of the learnings to truly seep in and be integrated as you unveil more of who you are, and of course to birth yourself as a facilitator of this sacred women’s work.

The three phases of this journey (which are more spiralling than they are linear) are:


Disentangling from masculine-oriented spirituality and patriarchal conditioning and opening to the feminine mysteries. Personal healing, creating space and clearing the way to be a conduit for creation. 

For each skin we shed, more of who we are is revealed.


Awakening the energy of the feminine within you and embodying your unique essence and expression of her.

Grounding the teachings deeply in your body as you create a solid container through which shakti can flow elegantly and gracefully.


As you anchor in your embodiment, you will naturally transmit and radiate your gifts.

This phase is about being in service and sharing your gifts with the world in the way you are most inspired to and in alignment with your soul’s essence.



▽ Shakti Yoga breath rituals, meditation rituals and movement rituals based on the yogic arts of asana, mudra, mantra and pranayama

Warm-up sequences to open and awaken the body

Signature Shakti Yoga flows and the opportunity to create your own

Key poses and adaptations

 Feminine approaches to meditation centered on the somatic, sensual, and sacred


▽ Embodiment versus enlightenment

▽ Qualities of the sacred feminine

▽ “The descent” and the importance of coming into the body.

▽ Why women need a yoga practice specific for female bodies and the experience of being woman

▽ Recognising shame and conditioning around being woman – personally and collectively – and accessing a deeper and more empowering truth


▽ What is Shakti?

▽ The feminine path – the body, senses, emotions and sexuality as essential gateways

▽ Sacred feminine symbolism and how to weave it into teaching

▽ Bhakti – the yoga of devotion and the Goddess path

▽ Yogic goddesses and their relevance

▽ Invoking shakti and infusing all that we do with reverence for the sacredness of life


▽ Inner tantric yoga and energetic anatomy

▽ Being in right relationship with kundalini shakti – the serpent power

▽ Embodying elemental energies– the tattvas

▽ Working with energy – Clearing, generating, harnessing and directing

▽ The bodies – koshas– exploring each layer of our being


▽ Anatomy (energetic and physical) of the pelvic bowl

▽ Rousing and circulating the creative force

▽ Welcoming the yoni into practice

▽ Understanding the power of the womb as a place of creativity, inner power and deep connection.

▽ Adapting practice for menstruation


▽ Attuning to the feminine energy currents, moving with her, trusting the inner impulse

▽ How to grant permission that empowers women to move authentically

▽ Awakening the raw primal power of the instinctual/ animal body

▽ Sensitising to the subtle sensations in the feeling body and accessing their wisdom

▽ Turning toward natural pleasure currents and flowing with eros


▽ The importance of grounding and down-regulating the nervous system

▽ Guiding women into deep rest and full-bodied surrender

▽ Specific restorative yoga poses for deep rejuvenation and how to teach them

▽ Techniques for activating the parasympathetic nervous system


▽ The healing power of sound vibration

▽ Clearing and activating the voice through toning, primal sounds, chanting and mantras

▽ The womb/voice connection – sounding from the womb and finding our authentic voice

▽ Skillful use of words to evoke and take women on a journey, including metaphors, poetry and prayer


▽ Awakening the senses

▽ Creating altars and bringing beauty into the space

▽ An introduction to ritual and the temple arts

▽ Hands on healing touch in session, anointing with oil, head massage

▽ Incorporating aromatherapy

▽ Making amazing playlists and creating a musical journey


▽ Getting comfortable being seen and sharing your magic.

▽ Secrets of artful and authentic facilitation

▽ Healthy boundaries and agreements in leadership

▽ Sacred activism, finding your passion and aligning with your vision

▽ Stepping into your unique resonance that will magnetise the women you will best serve

▽ Befriending social media as a powerful ally and outlet for creative expression and to form genuine connections with women in your community.

▽ Creating connection through courage, vulnerability and authenticity


▽ Intuitive facilitation, trusting inspiration, opening to wisdom

▽ Reading the group and being adaptable

▽ What is means to ‘hold space’

▽ Energy management, including how to energetically prepare for class and “unplug” afterwards.

▽ The Dakini principle – embodying space and enlightened feminine wisdom


▽ How to give structure to your class with the Shakti Yoga framework

▽ Adapting the practices for women’s circles

▽ Creating safety for your students and supporting the nervous system of both you and your participants

▽ Trauma awareness, knowing your limits and referral pathways

▽ How to plan a class series/workshop/retreat/online event

▽ Choosing your venue

* Please note: The course content provided here is our framework, but by no means set in stone. The feminine way is one of deep listening and honouring the natural way that energy moves. What is taught in this program will be based on the framework above, but very much informed by the energy of the group as well. This is an opportunity for all of us to surrender and trust the process in this radical feminine way of sharing wisdom. The structure and key teachings of the program will be honoured while making plenty of space for the Mystery, which in and of itself is a core teaching of this program!


Jasmine Rose is a yogini and women’s temple keeper, devoted to the feminine mysteries. She has her roots firmly grounded deep in the forest near Brisbane and is inspired by the ways of the wild, the rhythms and cycles of nature, and is forever in awe of the magic and wonder when women come together. She is a Wise Womb medicine practitioner and has been guiding women to awaken their embodied wisdom since 2014 on retreats, women circles and one-on-one sessions. 

Her devotion to the Feminine began with her own distinct awakening of shakti 11 years ago, and the subsequent initiations that followed. She lives in reverence to the sacred feminine power within herself and all of creation.

Her passion and gift is in creating sacred and beautiful spaces for women to feel, heal and awaken to their inner power, creativity and wisdom.

She has a particular affinity for the Goddess traditions of India, Tibet, and Nepal, where she has led groups of women on pilgrimage.

Jasmine brings her wealth of experience from 15 years as a teacher (10 as a yoga teacher) and a first class honours degree in Psychology.

She is has studied extensively with Michaela Boehm, Naomi Love (Wise Womb Medicine), Sally Kempton, Maya Luna and Chameli Ardagh of the Awakening Women Institute and considers herself an apprentice to the Goddess  herself

Jasmine has undergone initiation into traditional women’s lore from Grandmother Elder Aunty Mulara and lives in a deep reverence for the ancient wisdom of the land where she  lives – Jiniburra/Turbal country in Brisbane, Australia.

Consider me a faithful midwife relentlessly by your side, holding the vision in my heart of the highest expression of your leadership to womankind and this planet. – Jasmine Rose 


What Women Say

“Jasmine is a way-shower for women who long to dive into their depths and drink from the deep well of sisterhood. She creates space for women to show up and be seen, heard and held in every inch of their authentic self, to (re)discover all the parts that have been neglected or never acknowledged.  Jasmine is a warrior-ess of divine Shakti force who empowers women to reclaim and relish in their soft, wild, unapologetic pleasure state.


“Stepping inside Jasmine’s virtual yoga temple definitely exceeded my expectations. The whole experience from start to finish was rich and deep, not to mention organised and professional – I felt lovingly held and looked after the whole time. Jasmine lives, breathes and embodies Shakti Yoga. Her yoga instruction and her knowledge of the body and the womb is clear and grounded.  I absolutely loved learning from her and being in her presence – her passion and embodiment are obvious and such a joy to receive.”


“Jasmine is a living breathing modern-day sacred temple of love, beauty, wisdom, grace – a sensual feast of a woman – ready to serve us – lucky us.  There is such a rare exquisiteness in Jasmine’s presence; a grounded, trustworthy, loving, steady grace. To feel embodied shakti, woman soft and powerful, fluid and strong, really has an impact. A resonance. Thank you.  I look forward to more and am so inspired to deepen into my female body  and uncover the exquisite jewels within!”


“Energy doesn’t lie and it’s easy to see that Jasmine is a powerful embodiment and ambassador of the Divine Shakti essence. I found her to be the perfect guide to lead me deeper into the myriad aspects of my core feminine and reconnect with my desire, my sensuality, my body wisdom and pleasure. Jasmine’s guidance, wisdom and energetic presence provide a key code for women who are looking to re-enter the secret chambers of their innate abundance and experience the ecstatic presence within their bodies, that has been laying as dormant potential, Waiting for that time of awakening.”



As an apprentice undertaking this program you receive:

A monthly live interactive group call (3 hours)*

A monthly live practice session + Q & A (3 hours)*

Access to our online portal where all lectures and video teachings are available

Reading list with both recommended and required readings (as soon as you enroll)

3 x 45 minute 1:1 check-ins/personal guidance with Jasmine via Zoom

Shakti Yoga Facilitator Manual (delivered by post)

In-depth personalised feedback from Jasmine each month on all assignments

Membership in our private interactive Facebook group

Playlists for your practice and teaching

* Call times will be determined based on the group that comes together at a time that is friendly to as many of our timezones as possible!

It is expected that this program is a priority for those enrolled, so please be willing to be flexible. 


You will receive immediate access to Shakti Yoga guided practices (33 short practice videos – 7 hours in total) and the reading list when you sign up so you can dive straight in


This is a mentorship style program to ensure interaction and personalised guidance from Jasmine


Depending on our global situation, an additional and optional 7 day in-person intensive will be offerred in November 2022.

This is tentative since it is impossible to plan ahead for this currently, so therefore it is not included in the costing. If it does go ahead, it will be made as affordable as possible given what you are already investing in the course.

This program calls for a shakti sadhana – a devoted and consistent practice of connection to the divine feminine through the body – specific practices will be offered as a focus for each month.

You are committing to a dedicated daily practice (minimum 10 minutes) and at least one longer practice session each week (minimum 45 minutes), and to keep a log of your practice.

In addition, to complete the certification, you will be required to:

▽ Submit practice log monthly (a template will be provided)

▽ Participation in minimum 8/9 live teaching calls

▽ Complete the monthly videos (in our portal and the live sessions), reading materials and journal prompts

▽ One monthly meeting (1-hour) with your assigned sister (in your timezone) to discuss the journalling questions

▽ Read designated readings each month and complete two book reviews (template will be provided)

▽ Practice teaching assignments and reports which will include teaching small groups of family/friends, recording guided meditation and relaxation and submitting a filmed sequence


Please allow on average 6-7 hours per week of study (reading, attending classes, completing the assignments etc) and practice.


$4987 AUD UPFRONT (EARLYBIRD – Price will rise to $5555 AFTER 31ST DECEMBER 2022)


$1800 AUD upfront deposit to confirm your place (EARLYBIRD – price will rise to $2222 after 31st December 2021) and monthly payments of $387 for 9 months beginning March 1, 2022


Payment Options: Bank Transfer or Credit Card. If paying by credit card, a 3% surcharge will apply (or 3.6% if you are outside of Australia)


  Cancellation Policy:  Please consider your commitment carefully as no refunds are offered for this course.  If you withdraw from the course for any reason, you will still be required to pay out your payment plan.


Frequently Asked Questions:
I’d love to join the program for my own personal development but I’m not sure if I will become a teacher – can I still join?

Although the program is designed for women who feel a calling to share this work (in your own unique way), the foundation of the program is deepening into your own embodiment practice and understanding the philosophy that underpins this practice. There’s a good chance you will feel naturally inclined to share this work at the end of the program, regardless of any hesitations that might be present for you now! You are still welcome to apply by setting up a connection call with Jasmine.

Do I have to be a yoga teacher to apply?

No, although it is required that you have or have had a regular yoga practice for a minimum of 2 years and/or related experience/training. Please apply and Jasmine will set up a call with you to determine whether the course is right for you.

Does this program count towards continuing hours with Yoga Alliance or similar?

At this stage, this program is not affiliated with any governing bodies that will attribute you with hours toward your registration as a yoga teacher. This is a radical feminine groundbreaking program that lives a little ‘outside the box’ compared to what is widely available. It is however in the process of being registered as its own modality which means that if you complete the certification you will be able to get coverage for insurance when you start teaching this work. Please reach out if you would like to discuss this further!


If you are feeling inspired to join the 2022 Shakti Yoga Teacher Training, please take the next step by filling in this application form. Jasmine will get in touch with you upon reading your application to set up a call over Zoom if your application is successful.

It is expected that you have existing experience with yoga or related feminine embodiment practice, a desire to dive deeply into this work and a willingness to commit to the requirements of the program. Most important of all is resonance, and a deep and heartfelt calling to take part!


Get in Touch


Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the Shakti program or any of my other programs. Or just say hi!

– Jasmine –