Sister. Do you feel the fire of the Goddess burning in your belly?

Maybe it’s faint and forgotten. Maybe is burning strong. Maybe it’s a glimmer, on the brink of igniting.

If you’re reading this, I do not doubt that you have this fire in your belly, too. We all do. 

You feel her stirring. 

You know her presence. 

This belly-deep knowing is undeniable.

I like to call her Shakti 

In traditional Tantra, women are considered to be The Goddess. By virtue of our ability to birth life, we are one and the same as Her.

Our female body and unique hormonal and energetic make up means we are CLOSER TO HER. 

This is the boon of being born woman. And why many male practitioners would take a female consort!

Many women have forgotten this truth. Religions have gone to great lengths to HIDE this truth. But MANY are remembering.


The more of us who remember and embody this truth of our Goddess nature, the more we spark this remembrance in women around us.

Some have taken this purely as a concept to flatter their ego and cover up their deeper feelings of inadequacy (new age Goddess culture is not what I am speaking about here!).

But the true knowing of our Goddess-nature can be startling and humbling. And at the same time, deeply liberating and empowering.

This is a knowing I wish for all women to encounter. As a felt experience. A truth that is known in the body – not just understood in the mind.

Shakti Yoga is a practice that puts us in touch with this truth.

Shakti Yoga teachers spark this remembering in the women they work with.

Shakti Yoga is a ritual feminine yoga and embodiment practice designed specifically for the female body.  This is a practice that not only honours the female body and cycles, but fully harnesses the 𝒔𝒉𝒂𝒌𝒕𝒊– the power of being woman. Shakti Yoga is rooted in devotional Tantra with an emphasis on somatic experience. 

Here at the Shakti Yoga School, we tend to the flames of the fire of the Goddess. This is our sadhana – our spiritual practice. This is our devotion. This is the light that guides our way at this dark time on earth.  

I feel a deep honour to walk beside you, in reverence to the Sacred Feminine within us, and all of life.

Om Shakti!

Love, Jasmine Rose Foundress of Shakti Yoga School